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“മാതാപിതാക്കളുടെ തൃപ്പാദങ്ങളില്‍ നമസ്കാരം”


ഞങ്ങളും ഞങ്ങളുടെ ജീവിതത്തെ മാറ്റി മറിച്ചു ഈ നിലയിൽ എത്തിച്ച ഭാഗവത ഹംസം മള്ളിയൂർ ശങ്കരൻ നമ്പൂതിരി തൃപ്പാദങ്ങളും..

Pallikkal Sunil

Sri.Pallikkal Sunil was born on 2-10-1961 at Pallikkal naduvilemuri, Kayamkulam, Alappuzha Dist.. His father Sri.Bhaskaran Pillai,Madathil Ochira who was an employee of ”Malayala Rajyam” Daily. His mother was smty.Rajamma Kunjamma, Mulamootil kottackathu vadakkethil, Pallikkal. He was the youngest among four children. The others are girls.

His education was done at Pallikkal Naduvilemury L.P.S, Model U.P.S, Pope Pius High School,Kattanam, and M.S.M College, Kayamkulam.
During the Childhood onwards prayer and attention of “Bhagavathaparayanam” were got from the Family Temple Alempethu, Bharanickavu Devi Temple and Kaduvinal Devi Temple besides his house.

The various aspects of speech write given by Mannanthala Velayudhan Nair, Headmaster of Pope Pius XI High School. Poetry reading, Light Music, Speeches were done in plenty at school and college Auditoriums.

During 1978 Pallikkal sunil were the President of Sasthriji arts & Sports Club,Pallikkal. In the same year he delivered his first speech at Parabrahma Temple, Oachira.
“Anupama” Radio Circle was organized insisting the youth of pallikkal locality.In collaboration with “Mathrubhumi”Daily and All India Radio. Several Programs were conducted in Akashavani viz ”Balalokam” ”Yuvavani” ”Prakashadhara” etc….The moderator of all these program were Pallikkal Sunil.
Consecutively for three years sri.Sunil was the State “Kalaprathibha” in the competition conducted by Mathrubhumi.

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pallikkal sunil-news
pallikkal sunil-news

In the speeching field Holy Swami Sathyananda Saraswathi and Professor M.P Manmadhan had given maximum inspiration and guidance after their arrival in the village, Pallikkal Sunil has become full time orator in the vedic field.
M/S P.Gangadharan Nair, Radio “Balalokam uncle”, All India radio, Thiruvananthapuram, Ramachandran, News Reader, Satheesh Chandran, Yuva vani, Rajeshwari Mohan, from Dooradarshan, G.Shekharan Nair, K.G Mukundan, from Mathrubhumi arrived at these Pallickal village. After words Sri.Sunil has devoted his time for speeches and as a writer in the various Malayalam weeklies.

pallikkal sunil-news

Conducting non-stop Bhagavatham-Sapthaham

At present Sri.Pallikkal Sunil is conducting non-stop Bhagavatha Yagom,Devi Bhagavatha Navaha yanjom, Ramayana Sapthahom, Skandapuranom, shiva Puranom, Vishnupuranom, Devi mahatmyam etc.
The articles are being published frequently in “Jyothisha Bhooshanam”, ”Kerala Kaumudhi” “Muhoortham’’.

Prof.Kozhissery Balaraman has directed a Malayalam drama.”kandavar mindiyilla, Mindiyavar kandilla” in which sunil was hero.This drama was under the auspicious Kerala arts Theater, Kayamkulam. Remarkabale role was handled in the Malayalam film “Gowri Shankaram”. While sri.Sunil reach Malliyoor temple ,to deliver a speech ”BhagavathaHamsam” Malliyoor Sankaran Namboothiri advise him to conduct bhagavatha Sapthaham alone.

pallikkal sunil-news

Pallikal Sunil is also serving as a PRO of Venganur Pournami Temple , Thiruvanthapuram which is the one and only temple where 51 Akshara devatha prathishtas were placed




His wife Dr Sheela DHMS serving as medical practitioner at Maruthi Medical Centre,Kurathikad


Son Mr Sreehari MBA graduate working as commercial manager at Tata American Insurance group,Hyderabad and his wife Mrs Anjana BA.LLB.LLM currently practising at High court Ernakulam

Pallikkal Sunil Daughter and Hus

Pallikal Sunil's elder daughter Sreerama MA.B Ed working as a teacher at Karavaram Vocational Higher Secondary School,Kallambalam,Thiruvananthapuram and she has married to Mr Vivek ,M Tech who is working as Lecturer at Musaliar Engineering College,Thiruvananthapuram

Pallikkal Sunil Daughter

Shri Pallikal Sunil's younger daughter Sreelakshmi has just completed her Plus two